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 911 Emergencies

Please remember the following if you find yourself in an emergency situation:
  • When to Call: A 911 emergency is a situation in which someone needs immediate help because he or she is injured or in immediate danger.
  • What to Say: When you call 911, the telecommunicator will ask what, where and who questions. Try to stay in control; the telecommunicator needs the answers to these questions to decide what type of help should be sent and where to send them. Speak slowly and clearly so the telecommunicator can understand you.
  • DON’T hang up until the telecommunicator says it’s okay.
  • 911 Misdials: If you dial 911 by mistake, don’t just hang up. In our area, 911 call locations can be traced, and a police officer will be dispatched to that location to make sure everything is okay. Be sure to stay on the line and tell the telecommunicator what happened so he or she knows that there is no real emergency.

 Accidents - Traffic

Keep the following in mind if you're involved in a traffic accident:
  • Check for immediate hazards, such as fire, electrical wires down or leaking fuel. Check for injuries. Call police and advise them on injuries. Do not move vehicles unless your vehicle is likely to cause more crashes and your crash is minor. Exchange driver and vehicle information and verify license plate numbers and driver license data. Obtain the full name of the other operator's insurance company. Obtain the name(s) and phone number(s) of witnesses. Leaving an accident scene may result in loss of driving privileges and future insurability.
  • Should every traffic accident be reported to the Police Department? Yes! It is always better to have police at the scene to view the conditions at the time of the accident.
  • How do I obtain a copy of a traffic accident report? Reports taken by officers are available for copying a few days after the accident. Please call (262) 248-4455, fax a request to (262) 248-4809, or come to the police department window to obtain a copy. Copies are $.25 per page.

 Ammunition Disposal

If you have ammunition that needs to be disposed, bring it to the police department in a safe container and it will be properly disposed of. DO NOT bring any explosives - the police department does not accept them. Instead, please call us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate agency.

 Animal Control

For more information about the City's animal control ordinances, please click on the links below:
  • Licensing Pets: All pets are required to be licensed in the City of Lake Geneva.
  • Animal Noise: Animal noise must be controlled for the comfort of surrounding neighbors so that their rest is not broken, sleep is not interrupted, and the reasonable use and enjoyment of their property is not disturbed.
  • Running at Large: Dogs and cats are not allowed to run at large within the city limits.
  • Sick or injured wild animals: Please call the dispatch center at (262) 248-4455. Inform the dispatcher of your concern and appropriate action will be taken.

 Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Skates

Riding bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or any similar device is not allowed within the City of Lake Geneva business district. Click here for full information about ordinances regarding bicycles, skateboards and roller skates, including bicycle licensing.

 Burning Ban

The burning of leaves, trash, garbage, wood, grass, rubbish or other material is prohibited within the City of Lake Geneva upon any public street, court, and alley or upon any premises with some exceptions. Click here for more information.

 Concealed Carry

Click here for information about the City of Lake Geneva's ordinance regarding entering City owned structures with a concealed weapon. Additional information about Wisconsin's concealed weapon law can be found here.


Curfew in the City of Lake Geneva for 16 and 17 year olds is 10:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight to 4:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Curfew for 15 year olds and younger is 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. seven days a week. Curfew hours do not change during the summer.

 Drivers Licenses / Records

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation can provide the following information and more:
  • Probationary License Requirements & Restrictions: Click here to link to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Driving Record: Copies of driver records may only be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Records & Licensing Information Section, P.O. Box 7995 Madison, WI 53707-7995; Phone (608) 266-2353. There is a $5.00 fee made payable to Registration Free Trust.
  • To find out how many points you have left on your driver’s license click here to link to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles

 Hazardous Substances

Call 911 or the Lake Geneva Police Department at (262) 248-4455 to report the spill or release of a hazardous substance. The police department will determine the appropriate agencies to notify based on the information provided.

  House Checks

To request a security check of your premises while out of town, please visit our Citizen Services module. You can create an account and request house/building checks for specific periods of time. You will also be able to monitor when the premises have been checked!

 Licenses and Permits

Click here for information about licenses and permits available through the City of Lake Geneva and to download applications.

 Lockouts from Vehicles

The police department will respond to lockouts when emergency circumstances exist, such as a baby locked in a vehicle. For non-emergency vehicle lockouts, the Police Department will respond as time permits. There is a $25 fee for unlocking vehicles. For all other situations, it is recommended that you call a towing agency or a locksmith.


Click here for information about City of Lake Geneva ordinances.

 Parking Restrictions

Click here to view the City's parking rules. Additionally:
  • Please call the police department for visitors or for special circumstances that require a vehicle to be left on the street all day or overnight (such as a moving van or construction crew). Without prior notification, vehicles will be ticketed.
  • For any vehicle that can't be moved in a timely manner, you must contact the police department and obtain permission to leave your vehicle parked until it can be moved.
Attached Document or FileParking Brochure Brochure updated 3.15.15


For the safety and comfort of all, please observe the following rules when enjoying Lake Geneva's parks and recreational areas:
  • Hours: No person shall be in any park or recreational area of the city from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. daily unless approved by the City Council for special events.
  • Animals are not allowed to run at large in any city park or recreational area at any time.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in any city park without a permit.
  • Grilling & Other Fires: Fires for cooking are permitted in picnic areas, but only in grills provided or in a suitable device that contains the fire up off the ground. A permit must be obtained from the Fire Chief for any other fires within a public park.
  • Vehicles: No person shall drive or ride any bicycle, motorcycle, motor vehicle, motor-driven snow vehicle or a horse in any part of the city parks or recreational areas except on regular drives designated therefore.

 Police Department Information

The police department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Emergency number: 911
  • Non-emergency number: (262) 248-4455
  • Fax number: (262) 248-4809
  • Address: 626 Geneva St., Lake Geneva, WI  53147
  • Email:

 Police Record

To obtain a statewide criminal record check, click here to visit the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Background Checks page.

 Public Assemblies

Click here for information about the City's public assembly ordinances.

 Public Record Requests

Public records may be requested, inspected, and copies obtained. In most cases, records may require retrieval and therefore may not be immediately available for inspection. Every effort will be made to respond to the open records request as soon as is practicable and without delay.

The cost for photocopying records shall be 25 cents per side of page, which has been calculated to be the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction. In some cases, such response costs may go beyond simply copying a requested record. In these cases, the Records Custodian may charge for any and all costs associated with complying with an open records request up to and including applicable shipping, mailing and the hourly wages of Records Custodian or designee thereof. Per §19.35(3)(f), a prepayment of such costs associated with an open records request in excess of $5.00 may be required prior to processing such open records request.

The Records Custodian is better able to respond to requests made using the Lake Geneva Police Department’s Open Records Request form, a link to which is below. Please be as specific as possible in your request. Please note that the Records Custodian has ten (10) working days to respond to an open records request.

Open records requests forms may be submitted via:

  • Mail: City of Lake Geneva Police Department, Attn: Records Custodian, 626 Geneva St., Lake Geneva, WI 53147
  • Fax: (262) 248-4809
  • Email:
  • In person 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to the above address
Attached Document or FileOpen Records Request Open Records Request

 School Closings / Weather Alerts

Information about school closing and weather alerts is provided to the following media as soon as possible:
  • WTMJ-TV, Channel 4
  • WITI-TV, Channel 6
  • WISN-TV, Channel 12
  • WTMJ, Radio AM 620
    •  Smoking

      No person shall throw away any matches, cigarettes, cigars or pipe ashes at any time without first extinguishing them. In the State of Wisconsin, smoking is prohibited in the following areas:
      • Daycare centers
      • Educational facilities
      • Inpatient health care facilities
      • Theaters
      • Correctional facilities
      • State institutions
      • Restaurants
      • Taverns
      • Private clubs
      • Retail establishments
      • Common areas of multiple unit residential properties
      • Lodging establishments
      • All enclosed places, other than those listed above, that are places of employment or public places
      • Government buildings
      • Additionally, in the City of Lake Geneva, smoking is prohibited in designated swimming beaches and swimming areas


      For information regarding a municipal citation, please visit the Municipal Court page. Tickets can be paid at the Police Department when municipal court is closed IF paid in full or if there is proper paperwork for payments.

       Wisconsin Registration Forms

      The police department has a number of DOT and DNR forms available for your convenience such as snowmobile registration, boat registration, application for handicap parking, change of address, and vehicle registration. Please come to the police department window or call if you need a particular form not mentioned here. We probably have it!
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